Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kitchen decor and 3 easy tutorials!

Hello sweeties,

It's been a year since we've moved into our new home! And what a year it has been! Full of laughter and joy, friendship and good times! All and all, this place is our home, and as my mom says: "Your house is your home, you two are paradise".

There are still some minor things to be done to the house, like, I don't know, let's say the decoration part of it! LOL!!!! Our walls are e-m-p-t-y!!!! Seriously, there is not a single nail on them! That's got to change but we are taking our time about it! We've decided on a large world map in our living room since traveling is our beloved hobby and something subtle for the kitchen.

Today I am going to show you some ideas I've found online for the kitchen decor. Hope you'll like them!

Can you guess what I like most from this space? The use of white to reflect natural light! I wish my kitchen had such abundant natural light! I also like the table and the use of mismatched chairs! You can update your old chairs using these tutorials and save big while creating something modern!

An integral part of our home is our plants. We love talking to them and taking care of them so much! Nick's favorite past time is going to the balcony and fussing over how much they've grown! He's a proud gardener that's for sure! I want to add my favorite greens to our kitchen too. I'd love to do something like this

and I think I have the place to do it too! If you find it too much, how about this hanging pots?

My kitchen is modern but not edgy. It has a hardwood floor in a sweet birch color and the kitchen cabinets are called oyster decorativo a color shown here

I think I need something other than green to make it all come together. I love purple but I think it may be too much for the kitchen so I am going for yellow! Off course my first thought is decor with flowers! Aren't those centerpieces lovely? Learn how to make them here.

I also love these coasters for a splash of color on the table!


I am also considering blue and teal small details. What do you think? Is that a color too many?

Off course, I am dressing up my mugs and cups with my colorful cup cozies!!! They keep my herbal tea warm, my fingers from burning and add a little cuteness to the place! Like them?

crochet cup cozies

Lastly, a great way to add color to your kitchen is the kitchen linens. I personally love these tea towels and I am going to be making them real soon! Check out this amazing tutorial here.

There are many other ways to decor your kitchen. My good friend Dimitra from DecorAsulym recently blogged about 8 ways to decor your kitchen! Check it out here.

What color scheme have you got in your kitchen? Share some decor ideas in the comments if you like!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Spinach pie recipe

Hello sweeties

I haven’t posted any recipes for a long time now. That’s because I honestly think no one wants to eat what I am eating lately. Well, actually maybe you do for your own good but I am not going to preach about the benefits of fasting therapy; not in this post anyway.

Anyhow, I found these photos from a while back when I made a very easy spinach pie and thought I’d share them with you.

This is a recipe for a super fast and easy spinach pie (spanakopita in Greek) made with very few ingredients for my husband pleasure. (Are you sick of me mentioning my hubby in everything I do yet?!?)

You are going to need:
A kilo of spinach (wash thoroughly) 
An onion
200gr of feta cheese (for my pleasure)
Salt (optional)
Olive oil
Two pieces of sfogliata dough (flaky pastry)

Boil water and place the spinach for 4-5 minutes. Remove from water and leave it to strain.
Clean and cut the onion in small pieces.
Place a table spoon of olive oil in a pan and put the onion and the spinach in a medium heat for 10 - 15 minutes. I avoid this step but you may find it makes the spinach tastier.
Add pepper and/or salt.
Use a bit of olive oil for greasing the baking pan. Defrost the dough and place it slowly on the pan making sure there are no air bubbles trapped underneath.
Place the spinach and onion mix evenly on the dough.

I love feta cheese but Nick doesn’t share my love so I only put it on a small part of the pie above the spinach. If you like feta cheese you should mix it with the spinach as soon as you take it of the pan.

Take the other piece of dough and place it above the spinach. Wet your fingers with water and close the edges of the pie. You may use a fork to make a design too.
Use a knife to make a grid in the pie. That way it will cut easier when it is done.
Bake for 40 minutes at 180oC or until the dough reaches a golden color.


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Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome fall!

Hello sweeties,

Fall is finally here! I thought it's time to share one of my photos with one my favorite poems/quotes again. Enjoy!

Have a great day!

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

A walk in Athens

Hello sweeties,

A few days back we went for our favorite walk in the center of Athens with my hubby and some good friends. We go on these walks fairly often, both as a means of a mild exercise – it is a two hour walk – and for relaxing purposes.

This time we went through the National Garden. It is a small but rather nice garden to walk through. It’s no Hide Park that’s for sure, but during the hot summer days it really is nice to walk through the freshness of this place.

We went late in the afternoon and the light was not very good but I still managed to get some photos of the flowers.

Then we went through the Temple of the Olympian Zeus and walked all the way through Aeropagitou road passing the Odeum of Herodes Atticus and heading for the Acropolis hill.

We rested a bit in the Apostle Paul hill and I took another photo of the Acropolis.

After two and a half hours we headed back towards Syntagma – Parliament Square to take the metro home.

I love these walks. They give me a feeling of being a tourist in my own town which I truly like! I bet there are hundreds of hidden places in Athens I have yet to explore and it is my goal to do so in the next months. I am pretty excited about it actually, and can’t wait to share them with you!

Where do you go for a walk? Do you have any place that makes you feel like a tourist in your town? I would love it if you’d shared them with me!

P.s. The winner of the NutsForPaper giveaway is Petra Kos. Congrats!!! We will contact you soon!

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Me before you

Hello sweeties,

I don't know if I have ever mentioned my addiction to books. I think after having forgone coffee for six months, having a sweet tooth and reading more than 5 books per week are the only addictions I have left. I am not planing to getting rid of any of them, mind you!

Since I've discovered the CoolReader app in my phone I'd only read hard copies and some pdfs on  my laptop. But that changed after discovering how many of my all time favorite books are online and in English! You see the last ten years I stopped reading in Greek and started reading in English, mostly because most translations are not as good as the real thing!

So now instead of ordering from Amazon a hard copy and waiting a few weeks since they send it to me, I just order the epub and have it instantly! I've even found sites that they have books for free!!! Don't get me wrong. I still love touching the book (well... right...don't get me wrong, lol) and smelling it and all that, but I am an e-book convert! I love how easy it is to read the book on my phone, I love that I can finally read a book with my hubby sleeping beside me late at night without having the lights on, I love that the books are always with me!

I've read hundreds of e-books the last months. Some were books I've read in the past and some were new. I've discovered new writers I didn't know cause they weren't translated in Greek. I've discovered hidden treasures I am so thankful I found!

Recently, I read a book from a writer I didn't know. I found the book accidentally when I was browsing a site. Well, let me tell you. I haven't cried like that in ages! And I have read A LOT of books during this time! I was sobbing so hard my hubby begun to worry about it.

The book's title is Me before you by Jojo Moyes. It's a love story. It's a sweet and tragic love story. It's a life altering love story. It's a death defying love story.

This book left me with an intense feeling to grasp life harder, laugh louder and love more passionately. It took my breath away only to give it back just before my heart stopped beating! If you only have time this September to read one book, this should be it!!!

I am now reading the rest of JoJo's books, naturally! I read a short story named Honeymoon in Paris and I am now reading the sequel of it The girl you left behind. So far the story is great!

Have you read any of Jojo's books? How did you like them? Any other good reads lately? I will let you know my thoughts about The girl you left behind as soon as I finish it!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Nuts for paper and a giveaway!

Hello sweeties!

I am very excited to present to you a recently favorite shop of mine on etsy, Nutsforpaper. I found the shop after the sweet girls that own it included me in one of their amazing treasuries and I fell in love immediately!

I love their illustrations and how cute their items are! They make me want to buy everything in their shop! I haven't shared with you yet but I've started a bit of scrapbooking this summer. I am not really sure what traditional scrapbooking entails but I decided to take all of our paper souvenirs from our trips in Europe and make them into albums. I feel they are wasting in the bags I keep them, whereas in an album we will be able to enjoy them and visit them more.

So I was thrilled when I found Nutsforpaper because I think their travel books will make wonderful albums for our next trips.

travel journal

I also adore their notepads for taking notes and making lists! I am always scribbling lists all the time! How cute are those cherries?

Ideal for your grocery list isn't it?

The girls have a great sense of humour especially when it comes to describing themselves! Here's what they say about their shop:
Both named Ana (although no one treats us that way), born and raised in Torres VedrasPortugal, since 1989, we measured 1.65 m (5ft.4)our shoe size is 37 european size (sometimes 38and no, we are not twins. 

hard cover journal

We are two creatures who were lucky enough to cross each other path in 2004 when we went to the Visual Arts course at the High School Henriques Nogueira and since then we were best friends with a huge passion fordesign, illustration and typography. In 2007 we graduated and each one followed different paths, without losing connection.

The oldest Ana, older for 3 months and 13 daysis best known for Mafalda, it is a curious by nature and with a slight obsession for chocolate chip cookies and booksVery determined and sure of herselfdecided to head to Lisbon to studyDesign at IADEaccompanied with her notebooks and sketckbookswhich shecannot live withoutAlways ready to go in search of new culturesin 2011 she decided to do Erasmus in Germany from where she brought a few more souvenirs to add to her collection ofpostcards and stampsIf she was an animal it would be a blue elephantHer memory is fallible but that the otherAna complements it.

Excellent memory, British punctuality and clumsy every now and then, that's howCatarina is known for. And not even the taste for sleeping stopped her from graduating in Graphic and Multimedia Design, in Caldas da Rainha back in 2010. Since then, train became her favourite mode of transportation and books her travel companions. She cherish very much cats, the yellow colour and her collection of gift's bows.
Coming to a halt at professional level, and knowing the best of each other, in 2013 we decided to unite and there was born the project "Nuts for Paper", which conveys our creative vision through products made ​​of paper.

The girls are awesome! They are offering a very cute small gracery list with a custom label on it for one of my readers!! How cool is that? Use the rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Home free

Hello sweeties,

I've recently discovered an a cappella group and I am o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d!!! Most of you know how I absolutely love country music and it is only natural that I would've loved these guys!

I first stumbled upon this song of Johnny Cash witch I adore!!! Aren't they something?

Even if you are not into country music I am sure you agree with me about how talented these guys are! I mean the melody they can produce without any instrument but their voices is unbelievable!!!

Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do! Here is their youtube channel and here is their facebook page!

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Work in progress

Hello sweeties,

I have been caring a small plastic container with me to the beach during our holidays. No, it doesn't contain fruit and snacks. It contains Preciosa crystals, my small scissors and fish line. Well, being on holidays means spending time doing the things I love, so creating fullerene balls while lounging in the sunbeds comes pretty much close to perfection!

I am going to create some earrings and pendants off these sparking beads once I am back home cause I need to take new photos of them for the shop. I am not happy with the ones I have listed now.

Here's hoping I am going to be ready to use my new camera right by the time we get home!

Smouts for now


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quote of the day

Hello sweeties,

One of my favorite things to do this summer is (over)use my new camera! I like shooting at the beach and I love the sea colors!

I also love to pair my photos with great quotes! Enjoy!

We have been doing a lot of the uncontrollable laughs here in Crete and it just feels right! We are making fun of the local music (my hubby hates it with a passion), we always talk to each other with Minion voices (papoi?) and he giggles me to tears, so there is no control watchsoever to our laughs!!!

Hope you are having a good time too!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Beach mood

Hi sweeties,

We are having a great time in the north side of Crete and I am enjoying snorkeling hours in some of the most wonderful beaches in the world!

The fishes colors make me wish for an underwater camera, they are just magnificent! Too bad I can't show you their beauty!

Fortunately I can show you some of the wonderfully white peddles I've been collecting along with some sea shells too!

Hope you are having a good time this summer too!

Smouts for now

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