Sunday, March 1, 2015

For your little ones - Etsy love

Hello sweeties,

I've been searching for baby gifts since there seem to be a baby boom in our circle these past months! I better start planning my international orders now to be sure they'll reach me on time for the arrival of those little ones! Since my best friend is pregnant with her third child and her first boy, here are some of my favorites from etsy in boy-ish tones!

Warning, too much cuteness can cause uncontrollable awwws and ahhhhs as well as weird baby-ish sounds coming from adults! You've been warned :)

1. LeosLovelyTreasures, 2. VitezArtGlassDesign, 3. NeslisHandcrafts, 4. ArtFilesVicky, 5. CrazyFoxDesign , 6. ThriftedandMade

Smouts for now

Who let the dogs out?

Hello sweeties

a couple of weeks ago me and Nick got the chance to make some new friends over at the Dog Shelter - Zoophilic Union of Nikaia - Keratsinion. On Sundays people can visit the refuge and walk the dogs hosted there. It's a celebration for everyone!

We had the best of times! Naturally I was jogging to keep up to most of the dogs due to their eagerness to get outside and run! I got a workout out of it too!

This white beauty is called Cotton and is only a few months old. She was very good with kids and a bit scared too, but we got together just fine!!!

We've been contemplating the idea of adopting a puppy for some time now. We just want to make sure that's a wise move for both parties, especially for the dog, so we are rushing ourselves with a decision.

If you are too thinking of adopting an animal please stay away from pet shops and visit an animal refuge near you. Older dogs need our love even more than puppies do some times :)


Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY - Origami gift boxes

Hello sweeties

when I first started my etsy shop while researching about the wraping I stubled upon a tutorial for (almost) origamy boxes. I was fascinated and started making my handmade boxes for my shop.

They were quite a hit in the couple of craft fairs I participated and the off site sales I made but after sending out the first couple of them by mail I decided against them. I was making them from recycled light paper and they could not withstand the awful way the mail was treating them.

However I still make them for gifts I hand over since I absolutely love how they look and love making them too!

Here's an easy photo guide to help you make them yourself.

If you are familiar with origami these would be a breeze! Technically they are not origami since you have to make a few cuts but the concept is the same.

You will need two pieces of paper and a pair or scissors. You can use any kind of paper. Bear in mind that if the paper is not thick enough the box will not be sturdy. Depending on the thickness of your paper you’ll also need something to help you crease the paper, like a bone folder.

The size of the paper depends on the size of the box you need to make. For a small box, like the one I made for a ring you’ll need a square piece of paper of 12cm. Now the other piece of paper has to be 0.5cm smaller, meaning 11.5cm.

The procedure is exactly the same for both papers.

First fold the paper in half forming a triangle. Open it and fold it the other way, forming again a triangle. Open the paper. You will now see an “x” creased in the middle of the paper. The middle of the “x” is the center of your square. Take one of the four edges of your square and fold it to meet the center of it. Then, take the other three edges and do the same. You now have a square.

Take the one side of the square and fold it to meet the central line. Take the opposite side and do the same. Open them up and take the other two sides of the square and do the same. Open them up.

Take your scissors and cut the diagonal lines to meet the first crease. Cut the four edges and then open the two sides of the paper. Leave the two opposite sides closed and the other two open. Take one of the open sides and fold the three small triangles flanking the square. Do the same to the other side.

Now comes the tricky part. You have to use both hands for this to work. Take the two sides previously noted as closed and bend them towards each other. If your creases are done correctly they should stay somewhat in place when you remove your hands.

Take the other two sides and bend them towards each other. When they reach each other push them downwards to the center of the box. That’s it! You made it!!! You just made one half of your box!

Do the same for the other paper which is a bit smaller and it will be the lower part of the box. Place the larger over the smaller and you are good to go!

Extra Tips: You can add a small square piece of carton to the bottom of each box for more stability, or you can use a sticker to hold the pieces together!

The possibilities are endless! The sizes too! You can experiment according to the items you want to put inside.

Hope you'll find these instructions usefull! Let me know if you need any help :)


Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines day chocolate fudge recipe!

Hi sweeties

I hope you've had a great Valentines day either you celebrated or not! We had a fun day that started off with me making Valentines day candy! It was the first time I did and I really enjoyed it since the recipe was really easy and truly rewarding!

I found the recipe for a white chocolate fudge on a great Greek blog called craftcooklove written by Athina. Nick's favorite flavor is white chocolate and I was sold immediately!

I just combined 300g of white chocolate with 3/4 of condensed sugared milk in a pan over medium temperature until the chocolate melted.

I then poured it in a container over baking paper and let it set for 10 minutes in the fridge.

I sprinkled with sugar straps instead of the candy Athina used on top and added a few crashed biscuits too since my hubby seems to like them so much! The fudge was perfect!

After leaving it to the fridge for a couple of hours, I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make hearts

and rolled the rest with my hands to make small balls.

Nick loved them and I was so happy! I find they should be left outside the fridge for 5-10 minutes before consumption to be more tasteful!

And then today the gift I got for Nick came in the mail and he was thrilled! I got him a Bonsai Tree Kit for a Giant Sequoia since he always talks about these amazing huge trees and how ancient they are and all that. So I hope the little seeds turn into a plant and then hopefully a tree! He was really excited about it so I think I nailed this Valentines day gift ;)

Bonsai Tree Kit

What did you do on Valentines day? Did you give or receive any gifts?

Smouts for now!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentines day gift guide

Hello sweeties,

what's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Valentines?
- Awww time for red hearts, yay!!
- I need to find the perfect gift for my husband/boyfriend to buy for me!
- Oh no, not the red mania again!

I am not sure about you but I've always thought of Valentines day as nothing really special BUT I always took advantage of it (when I was involved that is) and made a date night out of it. Either it would be staying in with a good movie and some cuddling or a romantic night out I tried to make it a date. Just for the fun of it, no pressure or anything. I didn't even wear a wedding dress on those dates, lol!

Anyhow, if you are in need of some great Valentines gifts ideas here are some of my favorites from etsy.

1: by JudysDesigns 2: by EfZinCreations, 3: by ShopShrew , 4: by PatrickRabbatPhotos

In my next post I will tell what I bought for my hubby this year. I am waiting for it to arrive and I don't want to spoil the surprise but I am so excited about yet another weird gift!!!

Smouts for now

Monday, February 9, 2015

Creativity boost and some giveaway winners

Hello sweeties,

today has been a particularly harsh day and my mood is to get under the covers and don't come out untill it goes away (which I did for the best part of the day actually). But life goes on and so must we so my answer to my own depressive thoughts is creation, creation, creation.

So here's my new necklace series for the minimal lovers.

available here

Made of top quality ceramic beads and dainty chains, these necklaces can be worn throughout the day and night!

available here

available here
You can play with them and mix and match to you liking! I love the combination of the gold bead against the silver chain! It's so now!

They are perfect for layering!

So, how do you like them? What's your favorite combination?

Hope you like them!

So, the birthday giveaway ended and the winners were selected and are announced to the rafflecopter thingie here.

Congrats to Sydney, Iosif and Vivika. I have to say it's the first time I've got a male winner and I am very excited about it! I will contact you all soon with your gift card! Stay lucky!

Smouts for now

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Etsy love - Home decor ideas

Hello sweeties,

here are my home decor favorites from etsy for this week.

1: by ArtFilesVicky 2: by FishOutStore 3: by tubiduPHOTO 4: by LouiseArtStudio

Special feature for this week is an etsy shop from Guadalahara Mexico, MaderaNueve!

Check out those amazing blackboards!!! I have my eyes on them for some time now, and I think they are going to be mine pretty soon.

desk chalkboard

wood chalkboard

Hope you like these as much as I do.

Smouts for now

p.s. My birthday giveaway is still on, click here.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Old hair brush to vanity mirror tutorial!

Hello sweeties,

today I am quest posting over at craftaholic a lovely Greek blog with lots and lots of DIY and more.

I am sharing my tutorial on how to go from this

to this

The tutorial is in Greek but the pictures are pretty much easy to follow. Send me a message if you need any help. Click here to go to the tutorial.
Don't forget to enter my Birthday GIVEAWAY for 3 GIFT CARDS!!!!
Smouts for now
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