Thursday, November 12, 2015

Athens City Craft Guide

Hello darlings,

Back in May I was asked by the lovely people of CutOutAndKeep to write a guide about my hometown, Athens. The guide was to be focused on craft mostly but also on places for inspiration. I really like working with Cat from CutOutAndKeep ever since they made me a  crafty Superstar so I immediately said yes to the creation of the guide. Well, that was the only thing I did fast! It took a lot of months for me to complete the article, but I finally did the previous month and it was published the other day!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Keeping him warm

Hello darlings,

As Nick's getting ready for his business trip in Munich (no I am not going with him, boo hoo), it downed to us that his wardrobe is missing some key garments for cold weather. After the loss of many many kilos (I hate him!) some important clothes don't really fit him anymore so I decided to help him out in finding some warm clothes without breaking the bank! I came up with the following garments for his suitcase!

There is really no need to explain the need of a great coat or jacket for Germany's weather is there? I've been there myself and I know! Nick's is lucky his is not going to be there in the middle of the winter too! This time of the year the weather there is more like our own winter so my suggestion was a 2 in 1 jacket with a removable waistcoat which I found here. That's actually brilliant (if I may say so myself) since he will get to use it here too! The waistcoat offers him the extra warmth he needs when the weather is really cold but he can opt out and just use the jacket when it's not! Win-win!

2-in-1 jacket

What kind of a crocheter would I be if I were to send my hubby away without making sure he has at least one warm hat and a scarf? I'll tell you! An awful one! So, my hook is ready to make these beauties for him! Don't they look gorgeous? Free pattern from here.

Well ok, I am not going to be posting X-rated images here, don't worry! It's just that it's November and November is the month for testicular cancer awareness and I found these cuties and I couldn't resist! I mean how cute are they with their little mustaches? TommyJohn is collaborating with The Testicular Cancer foundation and use the hashtag #supportyourballs to raise awareness for the cause. They are going with Nick to Munich that's for sure.

Of course the one thing that would definitely keep him warm without fail would be me, but it's impossible to go away right now. Here's hoping the above will be enough ;)

Lot's of love


Saturday, October 31, 2015

Speekee - Spanish for Kids Giveaway

Hello darlings,

me and Nick love to learn foreign languages. Nick is fluent in English and Italian, has studied Spanish, German and Turkish and now he is learning Portuguese! Apart from English, I've studied French at school, German and Italian and I can say "How may I help you" in more than ten languages (leftover trait from the time that I worked at a tourist shop before going to University!). So, it is with great pleasure that I present to you the following giveaway which is open WORLDWIDE!

Welcome to the Speekee - Spanish For Kids Giveaway with 101 winners!

speekee giveaway

Sunday, October 25, 2015

How to make a yarn box - Perfect for graph-afghans

Hello darlings,

fall is the part of the year when I enjoy crocheting the most! It's always nice to have time to sit on your couch and crochet a warm blanket, a beanie, or a couple of dozes cup cozies! Only this year I am not alone. Nope, this year I have company near me on the couch! A little furry mister called Mini the cat. I've wrote all about him here but I am not sure if I stressed out how much of a yarn thief this little guy is! He is going into battle as I write these lines with one of my crochet bows! I mean he LOVES to play with it!

However I have a business to run and I can't have cat hair all over my crochet items. So I decided to protect my yarn and make a yarn box. It's not really hard at all, the end result is awesome and it really helps with graph afghans (I'll tell you all about those in another post).

See below for a full tutorial on how to make a yarn box to help you with your graph afghans in no time!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Letting go

Hello darlings,

one of the things I find most difficult in this life is relaxing. I am wind up person, stressing about anything and everything. It used to be worse but I guess getting older has some benefits since, sometimes, you get a bit wiser too! 

There are actually a lot less things I stress about now, most of which could probably be called reasonable stress triggers by the mean sane person. Like health, loved ones, world misery and hunger, that short of things. Being pessimistic as I am doesn't help either but having Nick by my side - a sworn optimistic enthusiast - does.

However, I can always use more visual reminders that most things in our life are not really in our hands to control and even control freaks like me (we'll talk about my airplane phobia another time) have to learn to let go of said control and just relax!

I have contemplated having that tattooed in my hand so I can see it every day for the rest of my life but I really have a lukewarm response towards tattoos. I don't really know if I like them. So when Zazzy told me I could design just about anything I wanted on a jewel I knew I had my solution!

It was really easy and fun to design the LET GO NOTHING IS IN CONTROL ring. The Zazzy site makes it easy even if you are not into jewelry design, to make and share any type of jewel.

I received my ring in the mail some days ago and it has been on my finger ever since. Best part? It doesn't tarnish, loose its shine or color even after repeated washing of my hands (I don't take it out) and all the work related chores. It is actually a jewel that will last for years to come, unaffected by the conditions under which I wear it. In relation to its price (25.5Euros) its quality is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!

If you need a reminder to help you relax you can find the ring here. I make a small commission of each sale of these rings as the designer.

What are your daily reminders of our control-less life?

Lot's of love


Monday, October 5, 2015

The best DIY blogs for 2015

Hello darlings,

I got an email the other day from the Survey Bee's blog letting me know that I was nominated as one of the Best DIY Blogs for 2015! To say I was surprised is putting it lightly! I mean I know I've written a few cool DIYs this year and the ones before that, but I would never consider mine as one of the best blogs at anything, lol!

Blogging tips