Friday, September 4, 2015

Win $40 paypal! A worldwide giveaway!

Hello darlings!
Look what I've got for you today!!!! A $40 paypal giveaway which is open WORLDWIDE!!!! I know how difficult the capital controls have been for all of us and this is a chance for you to win some much needed cash! Go for it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello September

Hello darlings,

September is here and with it some new beginnings for me!

First of I am giving up sugar (well the artificial kind I am not quiting fruits). Along with that I am starting an exersice torture regime at home! I'll post more on that in a few weeks.

Secondly I am finally going to learn how to really get the best of my DSLR camera with photography lessons (yeah!!!).

And lastly, I decided that after living in our home for 2 years it is time to hang some photos on the walls, so this month is going to be all about decoration for us.

I do have some pretty cool DIYs for you and some even cooler recipes for this month so don't be a stranger!

Lot's of love


Harry Potter movies giveaway

Hello darlings,

If you are devoted fan of Harry Potter, I have a surprise for you! A complete 8 - film selection of all the movies! Learn how you can win them!!!

Harry Potter 8 film collection DVD set 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

And we're back

Hello darlings,

we've been back for a while now but we were so busy I couldn't find time for my little blog. But oh how I missed it and you!

We've had a great summer all in all and we are hoping for a nice autumn too (despite the fact that we are heading for national elections yet again!).

We first spend a week in Vivari, a place near our beloved Nafplio. We really let ourselves rest there!
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