Monday, April 21, 2014

Post Easter

Hello sweeties,

I've been absent for the past 20 days. I have been fighting a weird mood that has kept me away from the computer and my crafts but I think I have finally beat it! So, it is past Easter, so I hope you had a good time with your loved ones and your families. We spend a couple of days to my country house with my parents and lots of food and now we are back in town!

I will be sharing a couple of craft tutorials this week so stay tuned ;)

I'll leave you with this photo which accurately depicts the actual cause of my absence. My a scumbag.

Smouts for now


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Coffee break and chat #5

Hello sweeties,

I am very pleased to be part of a new game my friend Zina of EfZinCreations has started not so long ago.

She is one of the nicest persons I've known and we became friends at a time and age when I thought I was done making new friends. We are not ancient or anything, it's just I am not very easy at making new friends. Zina proved me wrong so here I am hosting another of her magnificent ideas, a chat and coffee game between bloggers that's going to go down in history as brilliant!

She didn't want the game to have rules she just gave some basic pointers here.

Well, I was supposed to come up with a question for all you sweet girls so we could cover a topic and get cozy (and a bit gossiping, lol) while we had our morning coffee (juice for me). I pondered a lot of the question and couldn't come up with a decent one. So, I did what I almost always do when I am in such a draft. I came up with an indecent one!!! Now, don't go blushing on me, it's a rather easy not to mention fun question to answer! I am sure your friends already know the answer already since you have shared it with them. So why not share with us too? Come on! It will be fun! I promise!!!!

See, I told you it will be fun! I am sure you are dying to read what everybody writes right?
Please feel free to answer in any language you like, Greek or English or French or even Italian, whatever! We'll catch your drift ;)

Also, please link up any post from your blog you'd like in the link up party, no obligation there. If there is a funny story in the post even better but don't sweat it, it's cool!

Boy oh boy I can't wait to hear your answers!!!!! So excited!



Sunday, March 30, 2014

Time for a wedding full of color!

Hello sweeties,

I was looking at my wedding photo album (again) this morning and decided (again) that it was indeed a wonderful wedding.

I wore an ivory wedding dress since I never really liked white on me. I was thinking about how white and ivory are the most easy choices for a bride but there are so many nice colors when looking to make the difference.

I took a stroll to and browsed over their colored wedding dresses. There are a LOT of options if you don't want to go with the traditional white!

I think this light mocca one is gorgeous!

And would also like this champagne one too much!

Both the colors above are different but "safe" at the same time. You will definitely state your difference walking down the aisle wearing one of these dresses!

Then again, if you are not into the "safe" choices maybe you would like to consider something bolder? Like a red dress for example?

Can you imagine wearing a red wedding dress! How sassy would that be? I have a person in mind that if she decides to settle down and marry she would look gorgeous in it! In fact I am pretty sure she can't be married in a white dress, she's too extravagant for that!

Is it too much for you? Then you can definitely clean up well into the next one. It's a peach pink color, totally romantic and totally feminine.

You can totally shake the waters with this one! I truly love it!

However if you are set to be married into a white or ivory dress you may want to consider spicing it up a little with a colorful bow or belt. You can find some amazing choices in by following this link

My personal favorites are the two below.


I know how stressful it is to shop for a wedding dress, I've been there! You don't have to sweat it though because there are many great choices for you over at and their prices are great also!

You can totally go for a color wedding dress and make your wedding the one to be remembered as awesome! 

Smouts for now


Spring flowers and a giveaway winner

Hello sweeties,

we took a few days off work this past week and got to spend them in my family's country house. It was a rare treat for me and my hubby to be able to sit back and relax away from the stress and the town noices, not to mention work!

 My parents have built this house with their bare hands and my mother has done an amazing work with the garden. There are like millions of flowers everywhere, small and large trees, bushes, you name it.

Off course there are like all available colors of freezias, our family's favorite flower.

She also loves growing strawberries and off couse we love devouring them! Wont be long now!

We also had a great time walking up the near mountain where we didn't miss the opportunity to make friends.

We couldn't leave without a visit to the sea too. It was so calm and tranguil, I was almost sorry I couldn't get in but it was freezing!

Overall those were much needed short vacations for both of us and we were sorry to have to return but I am not complaining since I can go back for a weekend in the near future!

I just love the house and the area this time of the year where everything just smells of lemon flowers and spring!

Hope you had a good time too!

Almost forgot! The Coolerbuy giveaway is over and the winner is Maria Elena Dominquez. Congrats!

Smouts for now!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Smells like spring!

Hello sweeties,

Spring is here to stay finally and my mood has been better too!

Spring cleaning is bound to happen soon so get ready to clean those closets and laundry rooms and store those warm clothes away! Don't forget to use a moth repellent for your drawers and your closet! The best natural moth repellent is lavender and I've made some cute sachets for my house ans listed some in the shop too!

striped lavender sachets

I used a collection of linen and cotton blend fabrics I had and created a series of lavender sachets sets.

set of three lavender bags

Since I store my winter clothes in hangers I added a hanging loop in those sachets to make it easier to hang! They are a hit! My closet smells divine!

hanging lavender sachets
I used 100% organic lavender buds.

You can make your own lavender sachets by recycling a wedding favor pouch or even the tulle you have in your stach.

If you want a quick and easy pouch like the ones shown below take a look at my tutorial.

So, are you ready for spring cleaning yet?

Smouts for now


Friday, March 14, 2014

Etsy love - Game of thrones

Hello sweeties,

I am a big fan of Games of Thrones and I can't wait till the fourth season starts! I love dragons and the dark dungeon atmosphere of the firm!

Here are my favorites from etsy related to GOT.

An amazing dragonfly from Georgia from GeorgiaCollection.
dragonfly pendant

A gorgeous looking map of Westeros from AwkwardAffections

Westeros map

An awesome poster by DivisionDesigns

got poster

My favorite quote and character is off course Jon Snow even if he knows nothing, he is so delicious I don't really care, lol! 

Here's a video with my favorite quote

Do you like GOT? Which is your favorite character (OMG this question makes me feel like a 12-year old, but I don't care either!!!)

Smouts for now


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Giveaway time! Win a DSLR Camera Bag or a gorgeous Watch

Hello sweeties,

I have a great giveaway for you today from KoolerBuys.

They are giving away one amazing DSLR camera bag

or a gorgeous LED watch

You chooce!

Use the rafflecopter below to enter with a few easy peasy entries!

Good luck y'all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Smouts for now


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tip of the week - Sew, rip, repeat as needed!

Ok so you seem to like the first “Tip of the week” post, so here’s the second one.

This one too is craft related but honestly can you blame me? Crafting and creating for me, my family and my shop takes up one third of my day!

This is a time saver tip I figured lately since I started sewing with my sewing machine.

When you are new to sewing you are bound to make a lot of mistakes. So I did. A LOT! I actually emptied a whole package of sewing thread in all the colors of the rainbow and broke 5-6 needles before I could bring myself to say I know how this machine works! Mind you, my Janome only has two kinds of stitches! LOL!!!!

I am pretty sure I would need a lot more supplies if I had one of those new machines with all the fancy stitches!!!!

Anyhow, during that period, I learned how to sew a zipper which was truly a big, scary thing for me to learn. I kept sewing and tearing apart, sewing and tearing apart. My seam ripper had become the extension of my hand!


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