Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fishes Make Wishes, oh yes they do!!!

Hello all!
We've gathered here today, in front of our monitors for a special post! It's the first of my new post series featuring fellow crafters/artists. For my opening post (ποδαρικό in Greek) I chose two wonderful girls, Georgia and Aleka, the soul and spirit of FishesMakeWishes!!!

I've gotten to know this great sisters through the EtsyGreekStreetTeam and I truly admire their work! They make amazing colorful and fun jewelry and they are sweethearts too for helping fellow team members with great advice and tutorials.

Without further delay, here's five things they want the world to know about them:

One I love taking long walks at the beach near my house. I now walk 10km every day.
Two Nature is the perfect example of art. I gather a lot of inspiration from it.
Three I took vitraux lessons for 2 years and I have several pieces decorating my home and room. And though I liked it a lot getting cut (ouch!!) was really painful and bloody.
Four I've traveled in several countries European and Asian and I have to say that Singapore is my favorite destination.
Five For a year now I'm on a strict no salt and sugar diet, feta cheese is the food I crave the most.

One I am a Gemini. That makes me a bit of an unstable person, my mind wonders a lot and I find it hard to concentrate on one thing alone. I often work on two or three different projects at a time and then do nothing at all for a while. Stability is not a word that describes me. 
Two I have many many books and if there is such a thing as too many books I think I'm pretty close to achieving that. 
Three In my early twenties my wardrobe was mostly black clothes, I rarely bought something with color. Now my favorite shirt is a pastel green one.
Four Ever since I started making jewelry I haven't used black in any of my creations, I am drawn to the brightest colors and the most contradicting color combinations.
Five My kryptonite is chocolate, any shape or form of it and in my craziest moods I like mixing it with salty potato chips.

The girls are having a giveaway of this gorgeous fish brooch. All you have to do to enter is follow my blog and leave a comment with your favourite item from FishesMakeWishes (and a way of reaching you in case you win). If you like to have an extra entry, like FishesMakeWishes on facebook, heart their shop here or sign up for their newsletter here. Each of these gets you one entry (a total of three extras) provided that you leave a separate comment.
I will chose one winner through, on Saturday, April 14th. 
Thank you girls!!!

Stay tuned for more gorgeous featured artists!

Take care
p.s.: Want to get featured? Keep calm and sent me an e-mail!
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